Mapusha Weaving Cooperative: Traditional weaving supports South African women, their families and community South Africa highlighted on a globe
a weaving depicting giraffes a weaving evoking african landscape

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A women’s enterprise emerges in the new South Africa

smiling members of the Mapusha community smiling members of the Mapusha community in a window Lindah at work, weaving a small piece

The Mapusha Weaving Cooperative is a nonprofit enterprise of women weavers and spinners who demonstrate their mastery of weaving with carpets and tapestries of hand-spun and hand-dyed Karakul wool.

The cooperative sells the beautiful textiles to support their families. They also work to help their neighbors who are unemployed or suffering with poverty. Their work in the village includes economic empowerment, education, and nutrition.

You can support the people of Rooiboklaagte village and the Mapusha Weaving Cooperative by purchasing their handmade carpets and tapestries at the online shop. You can also Donate directly to their effort.

Learn more about the cooperative and the village of Rooiboklaagte.

a weaving with geometric pattern
Emma smiling with beads

Emma Nzukula

One of Mapusha’s younger members, Emma takes a break from her beading to greet visitors to the studio. With co-workers Wonder and Ambrocia, she is busy creating bird mobiles with beads and bells and bright fabric from the market.

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